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Dr. Joel E. Rowlett » About Me

About Me

Dr. Joel E. Rowlett
Born in Nashville, Tennessee. 
Served six years in the Tennessee Air National Guard
Bachelor's Degree in mathematics from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU).
Master of Education Degree in Administration and Supervision from MTSU.
Specialist in Education Degree in Administration and Supervision from MTSU.
Master of Science in Teaching mathematics from MTSU.
Doctor of Philosophy in mathematics and science education from MTSU.
High School Courses Taught
Algebra I
Algebra II
AP Calculus
Integrated Mathematics II
Integrated Mathematics III
College and University Courses Taught
Plane Trigonometry
Finite Mathematics
Probability and Statistics
Applied Calculus
Administrative Experience (18 Years)
Smyrna Middle School assistant principal
Rock Springs Middle School assistant principal
Smyrna High School assistant principal
Research Interests
Teaching and learning mathematics using empirical methodologies
Social justice in mathematics education 
The use of Webb's Depth of Knowledge Scale in teacher planning and student assessments

Recent Posts

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Vertex form is very convenient for locating the vertex of a parabola. Enjoy!

Unit Circle Explained

If you are struggling to memorize the unit circle, this video may help. If not, search YouTube for hundreds of videos on the unit circle. I hope you find at least one video that will make a difference.