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Welcome to Mr. Stone's English III Honors and IV Honors page.



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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

We will finish watching Beowulf 

Watch the video "Research Writing: Choosing a Managable Topic" and take notes as you watch. You may use a desktop of mine or your laptop.

Pick a topic from the list provided or request a topic of your choice (you may need to scroll down some to find what you're looking for)...Write down the topic you choose and the guiding question that accompanies it...if you do NOT find a topic that you would like to cover or you have one in mind, you must create the bubble chart for it before it will even be considered being approved.

A second list may be found here for research paper topics

Scroll down the page some to find topics you may want to use...

Watch the following video "Selecting a Research Topic and Formulate a Research Question" and create a Bubble Chart for your topic (the bubble chart is somewhere after the 2 minute mark of the video). You must create the bubble chart specific to your topic...these five questions are the questions you will be answering to get your research paper completed.

Familiarize yourself with the topic...provide a written summary of the issues surrounding your topic. Make sure to discuss from both viewpoints. All notes will need to be on the same sheet of paper.

If you have been marked with with having a topic for your paper, go ahead and find a couple of sources that you may use in your paper. You should Copy the links and put them somewhere you can access them tomorrow. 


Wednesday, November 15, 2023

You are ready to begin finding your research and printing your sources and adding to your Works Cited page.


Your paper should be:

1" margins

Times New Roman 

12 Font

Double spaced


The Works Cited page is the last page of your paper

The heading for your paper should look like the following:

Your Name

Vollie Stone

English IV

December 9, 2021


                                                                 Title (Centered)


Begin typing your paper here...


Introductory Paragraph should contain:


Background Information



Body Paragraphs should contain at least:

Topic sentence – overview of paragraph

Important Evidence – straight from text – According toi the text “asdhfahgsehfg ;easrilgdgiedf;awzsdhgzsfdvnlzsdhnakl;wzsdvzsfhwdsHv ds” (Baptiste, 2).


Detailed Analysis – talk about it in your own words


Important evidence –


Detailed analysis


Ending statement


Sample of Works Cited page

                                                                            Works Cited

Baptiste, N. (2021, March 12). Are life sentences a merciful alternative to the death penalty? Mother Jones. Retrieved November 22, 2022, from https://www.motherjones.com/crime-justice/2021/03/are-life-sentences-a-merciful-alternative-to-the-death-penalty/